Physical Education

Physical education is an integral part of the total educational program at St. John Vianney, and is a part of every student's schedule. The primary focus of our P.E. program is to reinforce the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle while learning the values of respect, teamwork and sportsmanship. Students enjoy a variety of age-appropriate activities educationally conducive to the growth of their personal health, fitness and safety.



The Music program at St. John Vianney Catholic School introduces students to various aspects of music, a variety of composers, an array of instruments, and performing techniques. All students gain performance experience each year by participating in the greatly anticipated, Annual Christmas Program. Students wishing to pursue further music study, may audition for band and/or choir each year where they will have an opportunity to perform for the school family during PTO and Diocesan events, at local charitable and community events, at Walt Disney World and the Annual St. John Vianney Catholic School Spring Concert.



Students are offered coding and robotics in the stem lab. Students also are challenged by utilizing 3 D printing in their academic curriculum in their classes. Ozobots and Vex robots are used to deliver the instruction.

TEAL Research Center
Students have an opportunity to research in SJVS’s nonfiction library. There are two teal stations to encourage collaborative work. Teachers and students may use the space to complete work for their class projects.


Visual Arts 

The Visual Arts curriculum includes studying art history, exploring different art techniques and studying two and three dimensional art using multiple media. Students engage in service projects for various community and church events, learn to work in cooperative groups and participate in learning games. The upper grades also produce oral and written reports and projects. SJVS students participate in the Diocesan Art Show every year, as well as a “Celebration of the Arts” day within the St. John Vianney School community.